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«pragmatism not idealism»

Posted in Pauta por Hugo Torres em Maio 29, 2007

Do texto não digo nada. A animação é de Pablo Iranzo.

Fitter Happier, Radiohead (1997)


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  1. Myjas said,

    Pena não ter um acompanhamento musical à altura…

    “Many people mistook the computerized voice on this track for that of physicist Stephen Hawking. The strange voice was, in fact, created by Thom on his Mac computer. He recorded it one night in an isolated area of the rehearsal space that the band had set up. Ed: “Thom basically had this checklist, like a nineties checklist if you like, and he had written it out. There is a bit of him playing piano, [which was] in the rehearsal room. He was very drunk one night, which you can tell by the sloppy playing on it, and he just played out this melody and stuff. He was very anxious that it wasn’t him saying [the lyrics] – this voice is neutral. By the computer saying it, it doesn’t becomed a bit of pretentious art-wank, it’s something neutral in the way that the computer stumbles over words and doesn’t get the pronunciation or the inflections right.” Adds Thom: “The reason ‘Fitter Happier’ exists is ‘cos of mental background noise. Some days you’re in a disturbed state and it moves to the front.” The track was used as an entrance song for the band on their 1997 tour.”


    P.S.- I still kiss with saliva!

  2. helder beja said,

    grande, muito grande meu irmão. as coisas que tu nos mostras.. 😉

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